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Seminars and Conferences

If you need a seminar or conference speaker on the subject of dementia, Cindy has the ability to create an outstanding talk for you.  She has contributed to seminars with talks as short as two hours, as well as having created and given an eight hour dementia seminar for two years throughout Pennsylvania.  That seminar was exceedingly well received by personal care home administrators and assisted living directors in Pennsylvania, and was approved by the Department of Public Welfare for eight CEU's.  Please see the Outline of that seminar below to get an idea of the scope of Cindy's expertise.

Speakers Kit - Helpful information for booking an engagement with Cindy

Some Conference/Seminar Topics Previously Given

Cindy Keith, RN, relies on two decades of experience as a nurse, manager and administrator as well as her current role as a researcher to discuss a wide range of topics for those caring for dementia patients. Among those topics:

  1. Facilities Successfully Managing People with Dementia & Reducing Their Liability
  2. Depression, Activities & Dignity in People With Dementia
  3. Dementia Training for Facility Directors and Administrators (8 hour DPW approved)
  4. Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Course (8 hour course sanctioned by NCCDP)
  5. Dementia Teaching For Nurse Aide Educators in the PA Department of Education
  6. Alzheimer's Behavior in Search & Rescue Situations
  7. Caring For a Family Member Who Has a Type of Dementia
  8. Keeping Your Brain Healthy Now & Hope For The Future
  9. Help For Emergency Room Nurses Dealing With Patients With Dementia
  10. Front Line Staff Dementia Training for Facility Workers (4-6-8 Hour trainings)
  11. Bringing Nurturing To Memory Care
  12. Occupational Therapy Dementia Interaction Tips
  13. Tips for Clergy Who Help Families Struggling With Dementia
  14. Emergency Medical Service Personnel Interacting With People with Dementia
  15. Hair Stylist's Helpful Tips for Working With People With Dementia


  1. Dementia Diagnosis:
    1. What is it and what does it feel like to have it?
    2. Warning signs prior to diagnosis and how dementia is diagnosed
    3. Different types of dementia = different behaviors exhibited
    4. How dementia differs from/resembles brain injuries, MR, or other impairments
  2. Your "Objective" with this population:
    1. Based on the objective, what are the needs you must see to?
    2. Pain; Hydration; Maintaining weights, happiness and safety; Wandering
    3. Common, incorrect caregiver responses;
    4. Looking at Resident Rights in a different light when dealing with dementia
  3. Staff Interventions - develop scenarios of common staff responses to dementia residents
    1. "What If" scenarios to plan for positive outcomes
    2. Potential for allegations of abuse/neglect by caregivers of this population
  4. Dementia Facts and Figures
    1. How much does it cost you if your residents show aggression?
    2. Let's look ahead to 2025 and your facility's dementia population
    3. Staff dementia training-- how much is enough & how to tell if training is inadequate
  5. Trickle-down effects of management, and effective management tips
    1. What kind of manager are you?
    2. What worked well for me in a dementia dedicated assisted living facility
    3. What motivates staff to stay with you and improve your quality of care?
    4. "Better Jobs/Better Care Demonstration Grant" domains and criteria for recruitment/retention of quality caregivers
  6. Multiple ways to improve your care for people with dementia and other disabilities:
    1. Eden Alternative, Wellspring Program, Pioneer Movement
    2. Snoezelen Room
    3. Benefits of these changes to residents, to staff and to your bottom lines
    4. Other ideas to create a safer, more pleasant environment for impaired residents
    5. Activities in your facility and effects on depression
  7. Summary; Discussion; Q & A; Feedback/Evaluation

From one of Cindy's workshop attendees:

"Cindy's up to date workshop on managing the behaviors of persons with dementia (PWD) provided useful and realistic interventions for anyone working with this special client population. She covered a number of dementia behaviors such as pacing and wandering, catastrophic reactions, disruptive behaviors and the triggers that often precipitate the behaviors. Most importantly, she provided many real world examples of scenarios which have occurred in her nursing practice in relation to dementia. I have used a number of her suggested responses with great success. I strongly endorse her workshops as well as her educational DVDs."

Darlene Clark, RN, MS, Senior Lecturer in Nursing, Penn State University

    Cindy is more than willing to travel to your State to deliver her important information.  Call today at 814-235-0691 to discuss your needs and explore ways to tailor a seminar or conference talk to your specific venue.  Costs for speaking will vary greatly depending on the length of the talk, travel time, and various other factors.