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A Medical News Today article (www.medicalnewstoday.com) published in the November issue of the Journal for the American Geriatrics Society talks about a study on the use of Tylenol in patients with dementia. The study observed 25 patients with moderate to severe dementia over an 8 week period. These patients were routinely given Tylenol for 4 weeks, and then a placebo for 4 weeks. They found that the patients receiving the Tylenol "were more active than the others...spent less time alone in their rooms and more time interacting with others."

Even though this is a small study, I feel it is significant, and I too, have noticed improved interactions and more calm and happy residents when I gave analgesics if I suspected they may be suffering from arthritis or headaches and were unable to tell us. If you are dealing with a loved one at home with some form of dementia, please keep this in mind and check with their physician to see if Tylenol given on an "as needed" basis is safe in combination with their other medications. Sometimes, a person with dementia who is having a difficult time getting settled and staying in bed at night, may in fact, be having discomfort that a simple Tylenol may alleviate.

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