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The November issue of Psychosomatic Medicine talks about an interesting study done by Dr. Peter Vitaliano, and others from the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. They found that caregivers of spouses with Alzheimer's developed gingivitis at twice the rate of non-caregivers. The caregiver spouses also scored higher on measures tracking insulin levels (increased risk for diabetes), obesity and intra-abdominal fat. They point out that the chronic stress and gingivitis connnection was first observed in WW I with soldiers.

This is one more study pointing out risks due to the very high levels of stress involved in taking care of a loved one with dementia. Please try to maintain your health by keeping involved in activities that are important to you--and investigate adult day care services. Taking a loved one to day care several times a week helps keep them socialized, as well as giving you some time to yourself.

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