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Wouldn't it be nice if it was discovered that by drinking 4-5 cups of coffee per day we could reduce our risk for, or delay the onset of Alzheimer's? The latest news is to keep on drinking your coffee! In a June 22, 2011 edition of Medical News Today (www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/229287.php), an article entitled "Protection Against Alzheimer's Disease Boosted By Mystery Ingredient in Coffee," was published. It seems Drs. Chuanhai Cao, and Gary Arendash from the University of South Florida have found that some ingredient in caffeinated coffee decreases production of those abnormal beya-amyloid proteins in the brains of Alzheimer's mice. They've narrowed it down to a growth factor in the coffee called "GCSF" and discovered that increased levels of this growth factor in the blood of these mice improved their memory. The mystery component responsible for the improved memory does not appear to be present in other products with caffeine, so they believe it is linked to the coffee plus the caffeine (instant caffeinated coffee was not tested).

Most experts believe that Alzheimer's actually starts in the brain several decades before any symptoms are seen, so Drs. Cao and Arendash feel moderate consumption of caffeinated coffee (4-5 cups daily) could offer a protective effect, which could be increased even more by adding other lifestyle changes such as increased physical and mental activity. Again, they're still dealing with mice, but coffee has been around a long, long time and many people are able to drink it without any problems, so if it's found to offer a protective effect in the brain against Alzheimer's in human, what a great preventative "treatment!"

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