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In my business as a dementia consultant and facility staff trainer, I enjoy gathering families together via telephone conference calls, to tell them what they need to know in order to achieve the objective. I travel to facilities to train staff on how to BEST take care of this challenging population, and I have also traveled nationwide to deliver day-long dementia seminars through Cross Country Education. I am currently exploring other options to help educate families and facilities on ways to improve their caregiving.

In order to facilitate finding my site, I am including some of the phrases people or facilities might use to find me. They are as follows: Alzheimer's care consulting, Alzheimer's assistance, Alzheimer's aid, Alzheimer's service, Alzheimer's comfort, Alzheimer's support, Alzheimer's instruction, Alzheimer's teaching, Alzheimer's training, Alzheimer's education, Alzheimer's care, Alzheimer's guidance, Alzheimer's advice, Seeking Alzheimer's advice; Alzheimer's help, Alzheimer's care counseling, dementia care consulting, dementia care counseling, Alzheimer's consulting, and dementia counseling, dementia assistance, dementia aid, dementia service, dementia comfort, dementia support, dementia instruction, dementia teaching, dementia training, dementia education, dementia guidance, teaching dementia, dementia advice, seeking dementia advice, Alzheimer's answers, dementia answers, dementia help, encouraging dementia teaching, encouraging dementia training, staff dementia training.

While it's cumbersome to include all of these terms here, they all encompass a part of what I do to help people in a nurturing manner to either take care of a loved one suffering from some form of dementia such as Alzheimer's, or to see that facility staff members receive the training that is vital to keeping people with dementia and Alzheimer's safe, happy, healthy and maintain their dignity.

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